Jan 12, 2014

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Vision Board Ideas for travelling


vision board

You know what you want. You close your eyes, you can imagine yourself completing the task or challenge. You can feel with your heart the desired feeling that comes along with accomplishing that goal. Danielle Laporte is hugely inspirational when it comes to helping sort out the how and why, and the importance of identifying those feelings. I can’t wait to devour her book as soon as I get back to New Zealand.

The next step of commitment to accomplishing those goals and attaining your dreams is to make a vision board or a dream board. There are all sorts of vision board ideas out there. A vision board is just a place to consolidate your thoughts, declare your intentions and keep all your dreams together. It’s a picture of your future as you work to achieve it. Ideally, you would put it up somewhere you’ll see it often, maybe in your office above your desk, or hung next to the bathroom mirror to keep your eye on while you brush your teeth, to bring those dreams to mind, to remind yourself to picture them happening, and visualizing them often. Every time you picture it happening, you’re manifesting the idea, sending those vibes out to the universe, which will eventually respond in some way.

But, what if you’re like myself, and often find yourself without your own office wall or bathroom mirror? What if you’re on the road or on the go more than you are in one spot? What if you don’t have a space to call your own at the moment, for whatever reason; whether you’re travelling, in between jobs/houses or any other combination of reasons. I needed some more vision board ideas and came up with a way you too can still have your own portable vision board.

I’m currently travelling across Canada, and will be stopping in Hawaii and then Fiji for week each before returning to New Zealand. Even once we get back “home”, my boyfriend and I aren’t sure how long it will take us to find our own flat. In the mean time, I’ve made a vision diary.

I bought a 200-page lined scribbler for $2. I quite liked the retro-style notebook, and chose to go with blue, although could have had red or black too. Not that it mattered, as soon as I got home, I flipped through an old Cosmopolitan magazine and cut out the most inspiring words I could find. You can use any magazine you find inspiring. Cosmo just happened to be all that was handy at the time… and I didn’t mind chopping it up, since you know, it’s mostly crap anyways.

vision board ideas

I sifted through and cut phrases out to suit my motivation and intentions. I ended up with a few empowering gems, such as:

“The odds of finding someone you really connect with get higher when you’re doing something you love.”

“Life is for living [there was a bit more that I didn’t feel fit with what I wanted, so I cut it out] embrace the fun.”

“Where everybody’s on your side.”

“Flaunt your sparkle. Unleash your spirit.”

In the book, on the first page, I wrote down my list of 52 challenges. Sure they’re online, and I’ll cross them off there when I complete each of them; but there is something undeniably satisfying about putting the pen to the paper to get that visual ‘tick’!

vision board ideas in a book

Throughout the book, my plan is to use it to record intentions and reflections. My daily ‘to do’ list will be recorded all in one spot, with room to reflect on how the day went, how I felt accomplishing each task or perhaps why something didn’t get accomplished. This will be a record of my successes, and the challenges that will eventually lead me to that success. Because let’s face it, it’s hardly ever a smooth ride, regardless of where you’re going. 

So I’ve got my positive inspiration on the outside front cover, my 52 goals for the year on the first page and the inside cover will become my vision board. The things I see myself accomplishing. Each day I’ll write my intentions and reflect and before I know it, I will be making progress, striving towards abundant success.

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