Sep 13, 2014

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How a Partnership with Luscious Life Design Changed My Life

I wasn’t a nutritionista, a yogi or health professional; I was just someone who always wanted to be a teacher and that’s what I became. For over a year I watched from the sidelines and wanted what Luscious Life Design had going on, and for too long I let myself believe I wasn’t enough.

Luscious LIfe Design

What I wanted to be

You see, I had a teacher in grade two who inspired me to love reading and even more so writing. I remember writing screeds and screeds of stories just because I could. If there’s one thing I remember vividly, it’s the positive energy that Mrs Spidle radiated with her passion for being in the classroom.

When it came time for me to decided what I wanted to “be when I grew up” teacher was the one thing that stuck out in my mind. And so, that was the path I set out on, the path I followed. Marrying it up my love of travel, that path took me to Ontario for 4 years to complete my Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Studies, and then to Dunedin, New Zealand to complete my Post Graduate Diploma in Primary Teaching.

I always loved pushing my own boundaries, making myself uncomfortable by doing things that scared me. I loved that feeling of truly being alive, the rush of satisfaction that came with doing something I thought I couldn’t or would never.

gratitude the climb was worth the view

What I became

I wanted to be that passionate person that radiated positive energy and passion, just like Mrs Spidle. I got a job before I’d even graduated, and moved myself to the other end of New Zealand. Once I was teaching, I didn’t dare tell anyone that it wasn’t quite what I expected. I didn’t feel like I was that radiant, passionate person I wanted to be, who was making a huge difference in the world. As much as I loved my job, there were parts of it that over-took me and brought me down. I longed to be a leader, to inspire something in others that made them want to be more, much like Mrs Spidle had done for me.

While I was in my third year of my career, I watched my friend Stephanie Packer launch a new project called Luscious Life Design via Facebook. Steph would often make a call to action for other RHN’s, Yoga Teachers or other wellness entrepreneurs to join her tribe, and I longed to be one of them. I wanted to be a part of what I could see forming, and I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was telling myself I wasn’t enough. That was back in 2012! I keep thinking to myself, imagine where I’d be if I had started back then… but I can’t focus on that, because I can’t change the past. You better believe I’m not making that mistake again though, I am actively taking control of my future.

I dabbled a few times with the thought of giving it a go, but never very seriously, and I was about to hit the road for indefinite travel, so I wasn’t prepared to commit to anything. I also had some massive blocks in considering myself an entrepreneur!

Going for More

While I was back in Nova Scotia, and my mom and I were getting ourselves on the Beach Bum Holiday Edition train just before Christmas, Steph suggested I join her tribe. This time something resonated deep within me, something had shifted within me, and I was ready to take whatever steps necessary to make it work. I started my USANA business and partnership with Luscious Life Design in late November 2013.


Practicing Gratitude

Little did I know, I had a massive amount of work to do with myself before I was fully prepared to help others. I now know that is the beauty of this business. You have to first help yourself, sort yourself out in your head, your heart and your body, before you can help others. Much like the safety briefing on an airplane says, first place the oxygen on your own face before helping others. Once your own cup is full, you can give freely to others -imagine trying to give from your emptying cup, that doesn’t end well, does it?

A Recent Shift

Since November, I’ve been working on releasing my own self-limiting beliefs. For a long time, I told myself that no one would take me seriously because I was not an RHN. That was one of my biggest self-limiting beliefs.

Just a couple weeks ago I had the privilege of attending a Lifestyle & Leadership Convention in Salt Lake City Utah, where I was trained by the only & only Tony Robbins as a keynote speaker; one of my biggest take homes from him, was when he asked “what’s the bullshit story that’s holding you back?” For me, that was it. It shock me to the core to admit it, and as the tears rolled down my cheeks, they were filled with those self-limiting beliefs that I had do or become something else.
Tony Robbins USANA convention 2014Luscious Life Design does attract a multitude of Holistic Nutritionist, personal trainers, health coaches and yoga teachers, but the common denominator is that we are all health-minded and motivated to create a better world and helping those around us. I wholeheartedly meet the last 3 criteria, and I am so glad that I’ve chosen to surround myself with some of the most passionate driven and inspiring individuals possible, because they push me to better my best every day.

The Benefits of Partnering with Luscious Life Design

For me personally, being involved with Luscious Life Design over the past 9 months has had a massive impact on every area of my life. Not only am I now receiving the best nutrition possible on a cellular level to energy and repair my body (which I often put through the wringer, whether it’s going for long runs, all out high intensity interval training at bootcamp, or just putting in the long days at school), I have a much more solid & sound understanding of holistic nutrition and holistic health, which has come from the knowledge of the tribe.
Luscious Life Design USANA convention 2014I also consciously incorporate lots more acts of self-love into my daily routine. Self care and self love just weren’t a part of my vocabulary a year ago; nor was personal development. I was constantly doing heaps of Professional development for school, improving my teaching practice, but never taking any time for myself.

One of the biggest game changers for me came in December, when I was introduced to Danielle LaPorte, and the Desire Map. Deciding how I want to feel, and then taking steps every day to feel those things? Completely new to me; but led me to deciding that full time teaching wasn’t doing it for me anymore, I didn’t like the way it made me feel (stressed, anxious, like I was never good enough – feelings that I put on myself based on external factors). With that realization, and along with a little more knowledge on the Law of Attraction and abundance, came the decision to decline a full time teaching job, and take up day-to-day relief teaching. I found the freedom that I craved, and I owed it to the lessons learned through Luscious Life Design!

Living my Core Desired Feelings with Intention

Living my Core Desired Feelings with Intention

Now I’ve developed the confidence to openly share my true authentic self with others. I’ve truly stopped letting what other people ‘might think’ prevent me from doing or not doing things.  This is something that is growing stronger and stronger in me each and every day. It’s quite an exciting journey.

Now I am determined to share this powerful tool with others, and give this life-changing opportunity to as many as possible. I know that Luscious Life Design is going massive places and has the power to inspire women all over the globe – it’s already happening and the momentum at which we’re taking over, is hot hot hot! I am so proud to say that I am affiliated with one of the most positive teams making a massive difference. I only wish I’d started sooner!

Luscious Life Design 2014

My tribe, my power posse… always room for more inspiration

Going back to what I wanted to be when I grew up, I now feel completely connected to that positive energy and passion that I saw radiating from Mrs Spidle and I totally feel like I am on the right path now, to continuously becoming that person I want to be. It honestly feels so good. She was teaching people in the way that suited her, and while I tried to mimic that for myself, it’s led me to my own, new way of being a teacher and creating massive waves of positivity and change in the world. I’m shifting towards being a lifestyle teacher, because the life we live is the lesson we teach, no matter what it is that we ‘do’.

Even though I haven’t received any formal education or a fancy piece of paper, I still consider myself a Wellness Warrior, because I am on my own personal mission to be the healthiest and happiest version of myself possible. I owe a huge thanks to Stephanie Packer for always believing in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself.  I am ever-so-grateful for her true  leadership & being an amazing mentor with a mission is to bring out the greatness within the team.

We want YOU!

Did any of this resonate with you? Can you see yourself benefiting from being a part of team of goal-driven, heart-centred and health-minded individuals? If this even remotely appeals to you, I want to hear from you! Don’t let yourself come up with any stories that you’re not enough. I’m the proof that even if you think you’re not it, you especially need LLD!!

Send me an email to and let’s chat about how a collaboration with Luscious Life Design could change your life immediately! I can’t wait to hear from you.

Or leave me a comment below and tell me how you overcame your own self-limiting beliefs

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