Sep 13, 2014

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Life Outside Your Comfort Zone Mentorship Program

~Calling all Doers, Dreamers & LEADERS!~

Last week I had a casual Facebook conversation with one of my mates, Carol, who I’d met in 2006 working at a summer camp and had stayed in contact ever since, despite our paths not physically crossing again (yet). This particular chat really struck a cord with me.

She asked me how I just go after things so fearlessly, setting goals and going for them.

This was something I’d been thinking a lot about lately. I’d been thinking about this is a skill that can easily be taken for granted, and how having someone along for the journey makes all the difference in the world, because going at anything alone can be crazy, especially if you have battle that little voice in the back of your own mind!

I’ve developed my discomfort muscle after years of practice – after all I started when I was 16 by leaving home for 6 weeks to live and work immersed in French-speaking Quebec, with very limited French language skills.

My profound advice: I keep the saying in my head “feel the fear and do it anyway”and I feel the damn fear. And when I poop, I think of it as a self-limiting belief, leaving me”

Our conversation went on a little longer, but much of it stayed with me and on my mind long after it was over. I know full well that the life you live is the lesson you teach, which is why I aim to demonstrate on my blog and within my Facebook Community, my journey of feeling the fear and doing things that scare me anyway, living Life Outside My Comfort Zone. This conversation ignited an idea that had been lingering in the back of my mind for a while… a Life Outside Your Comfort Zone Mentorship Program!

This week I returned home to New Zealand after attending my very first Lifestyle & Leadership Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah and to say I’m fired up about creating massive change and helping as many people as possible would nothing short of an understatement.

I had the incredible honour to learn first-hand from the world’s greatest leaders including Anthony Robbins, Denis Waitley, Dr. Libby Weaver, Brendon Burchard, Leanne Grechulk, plus so many more. We focused on high-level performance, human productivity, and how to become the strong, independent leader this world needs more of. This whole experience ignited a spark from deep within me and I’m elated to put all the top-notch knowledge I’ve collected over the years into action right away.

Are you with me so far? Keen to design the life of your dreams, with someone who’s been through those scary bits by your side to bounce ideas/fears/worries off of.

From my experience, there are two main areas in which we tend to lurk in our comfort zones for too long; our health and our wealth. Too often we sacrifice our health in order to make money, and then sacrifice our money to regain our health. How backwards is that? I know you know what I’m talking about.
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Life Outside Your Comfort Zone MENTORSHIP with Kate Clarke

Our health is our greatest asset; without it, it’s quite difficult to truly enjoy all the other gifts within the rest of our life. When we are the healthiest and happiest version of ourselves, that alone often inspires others to make changes in themselves. We often know what we ‘should’ be doing to stay healthy, but that 6 letter word comes so many nasty connotations and feelings. Banishing that, together we’ll look at the practical ways to nourish your body at a cellular level to get you glowing from the inside out. I’ve walked out the journey, and now  I’m ready to help you do the same, with our gorgeous team.

‘Wealth’ not only represents a gorgeous income by being of service to hundreds of people worldwide, it represents all the wonderful riches of life including deep, fulfilling relationships, confidence, life experiences, etc.  Perhaps you’ve got a job you love, but are limited in the number of ways you can earn income; or maybe you could just do with a little extra cash. Or, the one I find most common, you’ve got the money sorted, but lack the time. Even the busiest of people can make the time to carve out more space in their life; in fact sometimes the busier you the more you get done. My life improved so much once I changed the way I thought about things, and I want to help you experience the same.

Together we will break down the barriers that are holding you back allowing you to step into your fullest potential. We will get clear on your core desires and vision so you’re able to help more people than you ever thought possible. I will share my knowledge and passion for creating a soulful, thriving and successful business in the soon to be trillion dollar health and wellness industry. Together we will harness your greatness and set you up for ultimate health, happiness and pure abundant freedom!
Life Outside Your Comfort Zone Mentorship Program

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Instant access to my global team of 130+ wellness entrepreneurs for support and cross-promotion.
  • Dedicated mentorship from myself and my #LusciousLifeDesign team fully equipped with a downloadable success guide to track your soulful goals and stay true to your vision.
  • The LLD approved wellness kit jam packed with my favourite cellular nutritional products to ward off stress, make you glow from the inside out, and treat you like a fierce business magnet.
  • A turn-key business ready for you to plug into immediately. With the help of our LLD branding, our strong network and a world-class product to leverage, the possibilities (and income) are truly endless.
  • You’ll learn how to work smarter, not harder while growing your own passive income legacy.
  • You’ll have access to our nutrition & lifestyle programs to use as your very own.
  • Social media strategies and coaching to help broaden your reach, share your message with more people, and expand all over the globe.
  • Plus SO much more. [All of the above truly provides you with a PhD in leadership and so much more]!

I’d be thrilled to connect with you and hear about what’s holding you back, and how I can help you get started on the path to your dream life. I am dedicated to helping you overcome those obstacles which are keeping you in your comfort zone, and invite you on an adventure of a lifetime. Together, we’ll unleash the tools to succeed in your dreams, your goals, your health, your personal discovery, I am committed to helping YOU help yourself! Contact me today, and lets kick start your journey, and unlock your true potential. You can do ANYTHING, and I’m here to help you achieve it!

If what I’ve said above sparks excitement, I currently only have 20 spaces available to mentor the newest up-and-coming leaders who are determined to make a difference in this world. I’m looking to fill these spaces immediately so if you have the intuitive nudge to connect and truly change your life, I look forward to hearing from you today!

Email me at with the subject line ‘SAVE MY SPOT’ and I will be in touch ASAP!

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