May 4, 2014

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Kicking off the High Vibe Project right

5am is not a bright start to any day, well not at least in autumn in the Far North. Nonetheless, Saturday morning we were up, out of bed at 5 and out the door by 5.20 and on the road to Whangarei, 2 hours south of home. There was a low-lying fog most of the way, hanging elegantly just above the tree line, like a veil. I would have taken a photo, but I was driving.

Thom had his First Aid course from 8am-5pm, so I was on my own in the Whangarei CBD for the day.

Perfect start to the High Vibe Project, no?


I found the Grower’s Market, and cruised the stalls of fresh produce, which are all locally grown. I was drawn to one stall in particular, EVO (Echo Valley Olives) because the man behind the table was just so jolly. We ended up having a solid yarn, making connections that are so typical of the Far North (i.e. he owns property in Ahipara and knows some of the locals that I do too). Don introduced me to anyone passing by, making sure to mention that I lived in Kaitaia but was from Nova Scotia. Once I’d been there for what 20 minutes, I thought I’d better check out the rest of the goods, before they sold out. I told Don it was great to chat and he told me it was nice to meet someone with such a bubbly personality, because it was rare these days. He’d mentioned stuff like this a few times in our conversation.

One thing I’ve heard lots of lately is to remember to receive compliments with grace, so I looked him in the eye, smiled, said ‘thank you’, and told him I hoped to run into him again soon.
High Vibe Project at Whangarei Growers MarketLittle did Don or even I know, he actually chose my affirmation for me.

Once I got back to the car with my purchases (wheatgrass for juice, baby kale plants for my garden) I had a look over the affirmation list. “My positive attitude reaches more people than I can imagine” stood out to me immediately. For the rest of the day, I focused on a bigger smile and an extra question or comment to each store clerk I encountered.


Task: Book a massage, pedicure or any other pampering treatment of your choice and having someone take care of YOU.

As though the universe saw this whole weekend unfolding, there happened to be a GrabOne voucher deal for Heads Up On Bank salon, which offered a half price wash, cut & style for $39. I snapped that up, knowing that I’d be in the area for four days and my hair had been neglected for 6 months.

High Vibe Project treated myself to a haircut

Ah, that ‘new haircut’ feeling

I left my phone to charge and was completely present and enjoyed the moment. The salon had this funky massage chair to lay in while I got my hair washed. I enjoyed every minute of the scalp massage.  Alyssa placed a hot towel over my hair to let it set for a quarter of an hour, and just zoned out and soaked up all the vibes (literally and figuratively).


As of 5pm, I’d been up for 12 hours and was starting to feel it. I’d collected Thom from his course and we were back at his Nana & Pop’s place. I thought, yep time to lay on the couch… BUT WAIT. First, get that exercise out of the way! And that’s exactly what I did. Squats aren’t necessarily my favourite at the moment, with my still-not-quite-100% healed ankle. But I wasn’t racing anyone. I watched my reflection in the ranch slider, to monitor my form.
High Vibe Project - 50 squats
And you know what?? Obviously I felt better after those 50. But I’m not surprised.

Enjoying Time Freedom

High Vibe Project relaxing and writing at Killer Prawn Whangarei

Sunny afternoon writing in a pub – High Vibes all around!

My afternoon was spent café-hopping. Never in my life as a teacher, have I ever been so care-free the Saturday before school goes back. I lapped up and enjoyed every moment of my time freedom. I got a free juice at BOB’s café, because the kitchen closed just as I’d paid for my order.
I sat in the sunshine at pub on one of the main streets called Killer Prawn, people watching, writing and enjoying a delicious Ginger Beer.

In the past couple of months I’ve been feeling good. I’m happy with my choices to start my own biz and do relief teaching instead of full time. I’ve been focusing on really healthy cooking & eating and up until spraining my ankle at the end of March, I was really on track with my fitness too.

Feeling good, but there was definitely room to feel better. Why settle for good when I knew there still potential to feel amazing, brilliant, or fabulous more often? That’s why I decided to get on board with the High Vibe Project, and to blog to show everyone else that taking that little bit of time and effort to look after yourself can make all the difference.


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