May 3, 2014

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Hello High Vibe Project!

High Vibe Project quote - Jen Grover "Discipline is an expression of self-worth"Recite the months of the year with me.. January, February, May, June – wait, what happened to March and April?! Yeah, looking back at my blog, I just asked myself the same damn thing. I think it goes without saying that blogging took a bit of a back seat as I returned to New Zealand. I also developed an evil case of Writer’s Block. The kind that left me silenced and unsure of where to go and what to write for two months. I’ve been slowly working away at my 52 challenges for 52 weeks, and will update that list shortly.

So much has happened in that time, and I crave to share all of it. But I wasn’t sure how or to say.
Well friends, today I am kicking off my very first day of the High Vibe Project and decided that this was going to be my focus for the next month, to have something to get myself back on track with, and hold myself accountable to. Jen Groover said it; “Discipline is an action of Self Worth” so if that’s the case, right here right now, I am committing to myself, to the High Vibe Project and sharing it all with you.

What the heck is ‘The High Vibe Project’ anyway?

High Vibe Project banner

The High Vibe Project is a 30 day program focusing on simple tasks, exercises, nourishing food and supplements, that will help you stay positive, increase your self-love, and keep your energy up! Designed by my beautiful friends & business partners Holistic Nutritionist Steph ( Founder of Luscious Life Design) and Lifestyle Coach Julie Robinson (known as The Healthy Artist). The Project involves a bit of daily routines a commitment to three different sorts of tasks:  Because when you focus on raising your vibration, life gets easier, relationships blossom, everyday is a new adventure and space is created for miracles to happen!

Check out Julie describing it here:

So for the next 30 days, I’ll be posting daily to share my journey to higher vibes with you. There are 3 checklists, each with 30 tasks, so each day I’ll choose one one thing to focus on from each list. The program comes with an amazing downloadable guide book, which includes the lists, recipes, tips and more… But I don’t have my own printer so I  chose geek out and write out the lists on some bright paper I had back from my teaching days instead. Don’t mind me. The three lists now live at the front of my diary (dayplanner?) because I can’t live without that!

High Vibe Project listsSo without any further adieu, here we go friends! If you’d like a bit more information or to jump on board the High Vibe Project, feel free to send me an email to

Here’s to feeling fabulous!

You can read about Day 1 right here.


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