May 5, 2014

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Day 2 of the High Vibe Project

Still in the city, staying at Thom’s Nana & Pop’s place, Thom and I got up at 7.30 to take Thom to the second half of his First Aid Course for 8am. Spending this weekend in Whangarei might’ve just been the perfect way to kick off the High Vibe Project

Self Love

Task:  Go swimming. Use the hot tub and sauna. It’s such a good way to unwind.

The thing about living the blissful rural Far North, is that lacks many of the common amenities that most other towns & cities just have. So being an opportunist, I made sure to take advantage of the fact that we were in Whangarei. Thom had to do a swimming test, and this was the closest location that offered the testing, which involved swiming 50 metres in 54 seconds, treading water for 5 minutes and duck-diving 3 metres to retrieve a rubber brick and swim it 25 metres.

He was a bit nervous, because although you can do it again if necessary, it would just be an inconvenience and he hadn’t done much practice lately.  As he walked along the side of the pool, I made him tell me that he could do it.

Today’s Affirmation: I can feel my dreams coming true.
High Vibe Project affirmations: "I can feel my dreams coming true."

I watched him with bated breath, cheering him on as he swam hard and giving him the count down as he treaded water. He passed the test (swam the 50 metres in 47 seconds!) and while I had no doubt that he could do it, I know that a lot of it comes down to your own attitude and positive thinking. All of his testing and First Aid course has to do with a job that he wants, and wanting it and having that hunger for it is all a big part of achieving.

After he finished up, I suggested that we relax in the hot tub. As I pulled out my wallet to pay for access to the pool, the ladies working at the front desk kindly offered that we could have a little spa for free – Thom had earned it after all!
So we went and had soaked up the high vibes of the 37 degree water swirling around us.  With the swim certificate completed Thom was one step closer to his goal, and I couldn’t have been prouder of him.

Surrounding yourself with positivity, choosing to be happy and acknowledging all of the blessings that you already have is a surefire way to raise your vibes and feel good. On the way back to Thom’s Nana & Pop’s, we picked up supplies to cook them a roast dinner, since they’d been away for the weekend. Giving feels good too.

The Exercise

The task: 3×20 pushups. Just before bed, I cranked these out. I’ve decided I’d prefer to start my day with the exercises, but it was nice to be able to jump into bed knowing that I’d completed everything for the second day of the High Vibe Project.
High Vibe Project - feeling powerful

Missed reading about day 1 of the High Vibe Project? No worries, you can catch up here. Interested in joining the High Vibe Project? Send me an email to

What did you do to feel good today? Let me know in the comments below!

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