Jun 2, 2014

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High Vibe Project Round 2


Starting my morning with a meditation, and watching the sun rise.

Last month, my blogging mission fell apart at the seams. I started the month off without having internet access, I had all of the excuses and down the drain it went.

Fall down 7 times, get up 8.

Isn’t that the saying? I did accomplish one of my 52 challenges for 52 weeks missions in May though  – I went the entire month without a drink of alcohol. Accomplishing that really left me on a high buzz, with a ‘yeah, I can do ANYTHING’ attitude, and with that, Round two of the High Vibe Project began again.

A Royal Start

Today was Queen’s Birthday, here in NZ. That sounds hilarious, because it’s not the queen’s actual birthday, but instead just a public holiday/long weekend. Oh well, I’ll still take it!

IMG_8693I went for a glorious walk on the beach this morning, my first time doing any sort of distance running since spraining my ankle on the school playground two months ago. 6km in the fresh does the mind, body and soul a world of good first thing in the morning!

I looked at cleaning out my closet, as that was my self-love action for the day. Except, my closet is actually fairly empty. I had a MASSIVE clear out last April, before leaving the country to travel, and I haven’t bought much since.

I can't believe all the STUFF we used to have - don't need or want that again.

I can’t believe all the STUFF we used to have – don’t need or want that again.

Ok, maybe I did purchase a few pairs of printed tights for $10 each from Kmart – but anything else has come from Second Hand shops for$2 each. I did, however, think that it might be fun to challenge myself to wear a different outfit every to school everyday, rather than resorting to my same old trusty comfortable clothes. Anything that I don’t like the feel of or don’t actually wear, will definitely get the toss as the end of the month!

I’ve also started taking a weekly Yoga class, at the local rugby club. It’s not the same as the Yoga class I took at Uni (I swear I’ll never find one as good!) and I used to not being into focusing on breathing, but I am really digging the meditations. An hour and 15 minutes flies by, and I feel so mentally strong afterwards, I can feel it’s helping with my morning routine.

So, there you have it! I can feel my ‘self discipline’ muscle getting stronger and stronger the more I use it. That ‘time management’ muscle will do the same too this month, I know.

Checklist 1: 45 minute walk
Checklist 2: Clean out the closet. Challenge – Wear a different outfit to school  EVERY day this month 🙂
Checklist 3: My attitude grows healthier and happier every day. Oh yes.


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